Xiaomi has once again surpassed its competitors in the number of smartphones with a FullHD+ screen


Xiaomi has once again surpassed its competitors in the number of smartphones with a FullHD+ screen Xiaomi recently introduced a new model, Mi 8Xiaomi Mi 8Xiaomi Mi 8. In my opinion, this is the best smartphone in the category. In the segment, it is the best in the budget segment. The 8Xiaomi Mi 8 is also equipped with a 5.45-inch FullHD+ screen that is even more impressive than the 8X.But, the screen diagonal is only 5.5 inches and it has a resolution of FullHD+ (1280×720 pixels). This is more than enough for the user. The colors of the Mi 8Xiaomi Mi 8Xiaomi Mi 8. This model is not aimed at the Chinese market, but anyone who buys it can appreciate the premium design and excellent build quality.great Ustyug class="_1D_dSmT _3qvivM3 qksHGQe _2Mea5Ui e2e-cd220adb-41a7-48b8-8767-b237a334a1a9" data-tid="8e34e3c2 be0f9a89 1fef3fda cd58e65 44bbf2d0 cb4386dd" data-tid-prop="8e34e3c2 be0f9a89 1fef3fda cd58e65 44bbf2d0 cb4386dd" target="_blank" rel="noopener" referrerpolicy="no-referrer-when-downgrade" href="https://market.yandex.ru/product--smartfon-xiaomi-y6m-c-3-nfc/677594056?pp=902&clid=2396887&vid=5f285a1aa4ed27242a6681a5&mclid=1002&distr_type=7&hid=91491&utm_term=model_name&utm_content=offers-2&utm_campaign=2396887&utm_source=market_widget&utm_medium=cpc" tabindex="0" role="link">Xiaomi Y6m C3 NFC smartphone4.5By popularitiesOn popularityFirst the cheap onesFirst the expensive onesBy rating and priceBy the size of the discountColor of product: !important;">Yandex.Market tabindex="0">186144 reviews27 990 ₽LookCOHERENT tabindex="0">156246 reviews27 990 ₽Lookmegaphone tabindex="0">21542 reviews29 990 ₽LookOZON.ru tabindex="0">223118 reviews27 590 ₽LookKNOW-HOW tabindex="0">5723 reviews29 990 ₽LookShow moreAll offers23Stores on mapReviews317About the sellerMarket ZenThe Mi 8X smartphone supports the NFC module, which is only available in the 6T series. In the 6T, we get an X-shaped module of two cameras, although the module with two cameras is the same as in 6T Pro.The camera quality of the 8X Mi 8Xiaomi Mi 8Xiaomi Mi 8. The smartphone has a good camera, but if you spend time in front of a large screen, it can be annoying. However, the ability to take photos and videos with a 3:2 ratio will be appreciated by fans of social networks.Read also: Samsung Galaxy A80 review: the phone with a large batteryThe performance of the device is also good, thanks to a Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 processor and 2 GB of RAM. It is quite hard to say that the camera is very good, but it is clear that the Mi 8X has better depth recognition than the Redmi Note 8 Pro. The 8X also has a decent battery life, thanks to 18W fast charging.One of the most interesting features of the 8X is the presence of a fingerprint scanner. It is placed on the back panel, rather than on the main panel, although it is more convenient to use it when reading documents. Both the rear and front camera sensors are located in the upper-left corner of the screen.The only negative point of the Mi 8X is the camera. The flagship Mi 8 has the best camera among smartphones, although it is not the best in the world.