Review of the Realme X6: a budget smartphone with good features


Review of the Realme X6: a budget smartphone with good features Realme has been producing budget phones for three years now. From the low-cost Redmi Note 5 to the more expensive Redmi Note 8, the company's phones have always been quite successful. This is what they are — budget phones that have not yet completely settled into the budget lifestyle. However, Realme decided to introduce a new budget smartphone, the Realme X6, which will be a good choice for those who don't want to spend time on the Internet.great Ustyug title="Realme X6 5G/5G Max 4G" class="_1D_dSmT _3qvivM3 qksHGQe _2Mea5Ui e2e-cd220adb-41a7-48b8-8767-b237a334a1a9" data-tid="8e34e3c2 be0f9a89 1fef3fda cd58e65 44bbf2d0 cb4386dd" data-tid-prop="8e34e3c2 be0f9a89 1fef3fda cd58e65 44bbf2d0 cb4386dd" target="_blank" rel="noopener" referrerpolicy="no-referrer-when-downgrade" href="" tabindex="0" role="link">Smartphone realme X6 5G/5G Max 4G4.5By popularitiesOn popularityFirst the cheap onesFirst the expensive onesBy rating and priceBy the size of the discountColor of product: !important;">Yandex.Market tabindex="0">186144 reviews67 990 ₽LookCOHERENT tabindex="0">156246 reviews67 990 ₽ tabindex="0">223118 reviews67 990 ₽Look<url> Photo Library tabindex="0">42696 reviews68 500 ₽LookKNOW-HOW tabindex="0">5723 reviews67 990 ₽LookShow moreAll offers22Stores on mapReviews79About the sellerMarket ZenRealme has also increased the performance of its 6-series phones in the past few years, but the performance of the X6 was not enough to win the interest of buyers. The company had to make concessions with the X6 Pro, since the 6th series was equipped with higher-resolution screens, a dual camera with a 64-MP sensor, and support for 5G networks. And now it has to perform the same changes as the X6, because the new model will not be able to compete with the Redmi Note 7 Pro for the same money. In other words, Realme has to fight the same price as the Redmi Note 7 Pro.Realme X6 5G is still the best dual-SIM card that can be purchased for less than 200,000 . According to Realme, it is better to use the cards with both a memory card and SIM card. Although it should be noted that this is a very controversial decision, because many people do not want to have a separate card slot, and SIM cards are expensive.In the future, the company may release a new version of the Realme X6. If this is the case, then the best way to buy it now is to do it now. It is clear that the Chinese company has a much better idea of the price than the Redmi Note 7 Pro. article-image_theme_undefined article-image_lazy article-image_lazy-shown article-image_with-border-radius article-render__block article-render__block_image">Realme X6 5G smartphone review-videoRead more reviews first on our website - Original article source -