RAM is the most important equipment for all computing devices. It is also known as the primary storage of the device. For a gaming laptop, we need to choose RAM carefully. If you want rough speed then you must take 16 GB or 32 GB speed with the power storage of 3200 mAh. If you want DDR4 RAM for gaming purposes then you have to consider several things in your mind. If you choose DDR4 RAM you have to consider the total memory capacity. Basically, we may consider 16 GB for most of the gaming device. If you want to upgrade your RAM you can extend it up to 32 GB. The most important second thing is that you have to roll your eyes on your money. If you buy DDR4 RAM that time you will get 3000 MHz speed. That is the best CPU performance ever.  Some of those best RAM chips for gaming pc are as follows:


It is the top-rated RAM for gaming pc. It is best with its low latency of favorable RAM. A kit is rounded by price and performance. It has a clock speed of 3,600 MHz. DIMM features can diffuse RGB lighting which has a glow –dark effect.

Corsair Dominator Platinum (RGB 32GB DDR4-3200MHz):

Another best RAM for gaming pc you should buy Corsair Dominator Platinum. It has an RGB LED. These LEDs are bright and more efficient than others and these are only available for Corsair. It is a high end performing kit. The price of this RAM is also not so much higher than the non-RGB Dominator.

Patriot Viper Elite (8GB DDR4-2400MHz):

It is an 8GB storage RAM of DDR4 type and it is one of the cheapest models you can effort for your PC. It is a dual-channel Kit. One of the best things is that it can store 1.2 v with a clock speed of 2800 MHz and 3000 MHz.

Jargon buster:

DIMMs: It is a physical circuit that holds a RAM chip that is you can plug into your motherboard.

ECC memory: ECC means error-correcting code memory. It can automatically detect and correct errors. It can also use highly sensitive applications.

Frequency: Frequency is the effective speed that can be measured in MHz with memory operates.

Timings: Timing is the measurement of memory clock cycles that can be measured by RAM.

Conclusion: in this article, we have discussed so many best RAM chips for gaming pc or your gaming PC. All of these are the best. Youths are like to play games on their PC and laptop. So you should buy the best for gaming as we know that gaming pc requires more RAM storage. That is why these are the best. I hope this article will help you to choose your best RAM for pc. You can buy this if you want to run your PC smoothly or to playing high speed and configured game.

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