Boost Your Gaming Rig :

The Industry of PC gaming is up to 25$ billion industry. And it’s still growing day by day. Now the industry of gaming is earning huge capital as compare to some movies. Next week there is coming a brand new series and you can optimize your computer games.

By the way, before you start that the game let’s see the best things you must need to do to boost your gaming pc rig.

No 1: Always upgrade the latest update of your Graphix card to boost you PC

 Boost Your Gaming Rig

The Graphics card is the main thing of your gaming PC and for the gaming experience. To boost your gaming experience you must add the latest graphics card into your Pc and also you have to install the latest software too.

No 2: Change your Graphics Chis and a little bit overclock

Your whole gaming performance depends on your PC’s graphics chip it does not matter how much memory you have or how powerful the processor you have. The all thing depends on the graphics card. To boost more your pc you have to change the factory speed settings of your graphics card.

No 3: Program Deactivator and Uninstaller with AVG PC tuneup’s and Boost your games

 Boost Your Gaming Rig

Windows day by day going slower and slower when you install each program. And it gives direct effects on your gaming experience. The main reason for your pc slower is the program running on your windows background. If you USE AVG that it will make all thing easier and can uninstall any program in just sec.

No 4: Add SSD into your PC function

 Boost Your Gaming Rig

SDD is the fastest hard drive as compared to normal old Hard disk. Indeed, it will not bost your game frame rate but definitely will boost your game load time. In my opening, you must add at least 250 GB SSD drive into your PC functions.

No 5: Must have to Disable Prefetch and Superfetch

The main reasons for prefetch and Superfetch are the boost your windows and app startup times for your game. But I noticed that when Prefetch and Superfetch enable on your windows background its increases your background load time. So its batter to disable

To disable this program you have to go to your PC’s control panel and then click on System and Security and go to Administrative tool, now click on services, there will find the Superfetch option now double click and disable it.

No 6: Active AMD / ATI Control Center

 Boost Your Gaming Rig

The AMD / ATI control system is the best option to squeeze out your Computer performance and it also boosts the visual quality of the gaming experience.

Conclusion: Now we have 6 best ways to boost your gaming experience. Everything depends on your PC specification that how old your pc and your hardware. Our tips will give you a smooth gameplay experience. Just you have to follow all things that I recommended. Hope this article will have you boost your gaming experience.

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