Basically Broadband a term of telecommunication subject. The word Broadband means a medium of data transmission. It is a strong bandwidth through which data transfer fast with multiple signals. The bandwidth can be made up of coaxial cable, twisted pair cable, fiber optics, etc. You can access this service from your laptop, desktop, computer, gaming console, smartphone, any extra device. In this article we will mention so many broadband service provider company which provide broadband services, these are as follows:


Airtel is making its market so high with its network coverage and broadband services also. Airtel has already spread its coverage to almost every corner of the city or village. It provides the best service but the price is a little bit high as compared to others.

DEN Broadband:

One of the fastest-growing broadband services in India is DEN Broadband. Within a short time, DEN covers the maximum range of areas to providing service. DEN provides the best and secure network connectivity with maximum speed, the monthly place also at a reasonable price, etc.  You can recharge for this broadband connection whenever you want and when you want to skip the connection you can skip.


BSNL broadband connection also there in the market. But its service is not good. It provides speed like 4 Mbps, 6 Mbps, it can give you up to 24 Mbps. It will also provide you unlimited downloading plans but it drops its speed frequently.

ACT Fibernet:

South India based broadband connectivity ACT Fibernet is available in different metro cities like New Delhi, Mumbai, etc. ACT means Atria Convergence Technologies Private Limited. This also provides all types of facilities like HD TV, digital TV, fibernet service, with minimum price value. When you want to login to its own portal you have to put ID and Password.


Hayai is also a broadband service provider. The price value it provides is enough minimum only Rs.899.  it has good reviews from the user also.


Some years ago Spectranet was the leading company of broadband service providers in the country. Spectranet always provides its best service. But due to other offers with the maximum speed, it has lost its importance. But some big commercial companies, the IT sector till now use Spectranet for its reliability.

 Jio Fiber:

Reliance has launched its best broadband service provider company Jio Fiber. It is a fully Indian telecom company that operates with LTE mode and its maximum coverage up to 22 circles.


Above mentioned all of these are powerful and useful broadband service providers in our country. All of these are so powerful to use at your home and offices or any other corporate sectors. I hope this article will choose some best of those.

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