Dawn of Titans: Strategy Game

This game was on the edge of the opposite range with the Ottoman age. The illustrations for the smartphone title are stunning and apart from the fact that you can control an army of units, you also have the Titan by your side, with a kind of ability and potential. This game has many facets, remembering your city structure and saving an eye on what your closest players are doing.

Dawn of Titans

Normal Motion, behind the CSR racing system, recently gave its new title Dawn of the Titans. In March 2015, the proposed nightmare process was allowed to play, in which a large number of continuous fights on the clearing, continuous screen are all fully distributed in 3D. I had the opportunity to address the late Natural Motion CEO Torsten Riley to investigate the game and focus on the company’s title.

Asked by Dawn of the Titans, Rill said: “Do you have a game in which you can control a large number of soldiers on your cell phone with your finger swipe?

When this happens, in any case, it will be a big effort to start answering those first inquiries.

“What they are doing is you have the palate to keep a lot of great soldiers constantly on your cell phone,” he said.

Reel told me that the Natural-Motion Group had done this for as long as possible and that this breakthrough was the founding of Dawn of the Titans.

The Dawn of Titans of another Dream Process game?

The Titans’ first light is entering a market that has previously been swayed by dream-based theme methodology – Clash Clans, Game of War, and others – although real trusts distinguish themselves in some way from Titans rivals; One of the most obvious is its illustrations.

In contrast to starting out as a normal motion games engineer he began designing programming for use in games, and Dawn of the Titans running on a motor, which the company planned at home.

To showcase the innovations used in the game, Reel did some parts for me on the iPhone (“for special reasons” – Reel assured me it would work great on Android gadgets “). The idea of ​​paying homage to the image was immediately apparent.

Conclusion: Dawn of Titans is the best strategy game in the game market. And this game gained lots of popularity, after reading this article must try this game one time, I am dam sure you will be fan of this game.

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