Strategy games

Nowdays most people looking for strategy games, and this game are so addictive and interesting that you must try a time. Here I listed 5 best strategy game you have play.

Offworld Trading Company

Strategy games

As the name suggests, the Offworld Trading Company centers on the construction, refinement and conversion of assets, for which you need to keep most of it alive. Collect only those that are available to you in various sports, where you have to do market work – dishonest competitors, buy surplus cheap and sell popular ones. Ofworld Trading Company makes you a stock agent on Mars and makes you one of the most formidable forces of the private company. The game is for you, where you can make a deal in case you like to manipulate numbers and neutralize checks. From many perspectives, it’s like a huge, collision, quiet, pressing blade for hard money. When you get the chance to work at OTC, every building performance is like a ground breaking skill in RPG, giving you a new purpose to ask, get and pick up. Triumph is rarely clearing, so you will appreciate the careful work done to speak through the pile of bodies on the screen, played by the Offworld Trading Company.



In case you have played a process game at any time, you are definitely familiar with the Age of Empires-type RTS, which allows you to build a civilization without anything that can necessarily take you to war in the Northgard, yet the Vikings. The Vikings are not just people who have changed – their result is that the Northguard is unique. You have to manage the brutal environment like its dangerous life in Scandinavia. Tribesmen have different perspectives and warfare, so they play in unpredictable ways, although this is definitely not quite a war game. You have tried to gain popularity by revealing and helping your family grow and you can win by basically converting your group to the Viking economy. In this manner, Northguard is honored for the progress of the famous RTS games and their structure.


Despite the particular disagreement, Bottletech, in the light of the famous tabletop game, follows a novel strategy of adapting to based mech battles. It is not enough to kill your opponent, instead you have to block the obvious appendages, the game is randomly adapted to normal rituals due to the generator. While the ongoing conversation is annoying and purely powerful, Bottletech is particularly hung up on its story, which is generally not unbelievable in that it doesn’t take a ton of confidence in its stories. Based on a lot of effort put into the whole introduction and thinking, Battletech is actually a kind of game in which you should be given a chance.

 Phoenix Point

Strategy games

When you finally build the mentality behind the XCOM brand turn-round strategies devised by Julian Golop, expect to find many simulations between XCOM and Phoenix Point. Phoenix Point is not just another XCOM, it could be. While the focal clash was once again between people and outsiders, Phoenix Point enhanced XCOM’s deception

Clash of Clan 

Strategy games

Nowadays Clash of the clan is one of the most strategic games in the android device. In this there a small village you will get and you are a chief of that village. In this game, you have to upgrade your defense to make your base stronger. There is also an available mining option so you have to collect gold & elixir from the miner to upgrade your builds and army troops. You can join the clan and make a group for a clan war. And war gives you huge loot to upgrade your buildings.

Conclusion: This 5 strategy game are the most popular game in the world so you have to must try this games. This all information was taken from internet sources.

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