About this game:

The Urban Dead is also one of the best zombie games you can play and enjoy like the Angel-fire site. This game is a browser-based game. This game was officially launched in 2005. This is an endless zombie war game with the survivors and with the undead zombies. 

This is a free game and it’s available on their official site, this is an HTML/text-based game. And it’s an online-based multiplayer game so you need good internet to connect for this game. The developer of this game is a British, his name is Kevan Davis. He is a game designer and a freelance too, in 2005, Davis was impressed after playing a game its name was, Vampires and after that, he made his own game that is Urban Dead.


Urban Dead

Set in an isolated locale of the anecdotal city of Malton, it manages the fallout of a zombie episode. Players can choose their character as a zombie or as a survivor, each with various capacities and restrictions. When survivors died the become a dangerous zombie, while zombies are able “revivified” with suitable innovation, coming back to life as a survivor –if a player plays the game with the same character for a long time will consequently invest some energy alive. In this game you can see there are lots of non-player characters are in this game, and there are lots of zombies and survivors all are real players playing from somewhere else. 

In this game the “Language” is funny. When you type a sentence the game scrambles will broadcast as bluuugs, hhhhaargh, ggrrrs to the other people. If you figure out how to envision the adjustments in the lettering, you can develop sentences as close as conceivable to English. This implied you had located the odd player those are complete their exploration shambling up to secure structures and talking in a bizarre half-justifiable Zombieland.  

How to install this game:

Urban Dead

Step 1:  Just go to Google and simply type “Urban Dead”

Step 2: After that, you will visit their official site and then click on “New Character”

Urban Dead

Step 3: Important step you have to fill the form and after that just click on Enter button that’s it.

Urban Dead

Step 4: Now click on the start button and the game will begin. 

Conclusion: If you like to play zombie, survivor or vampire this type of game, then this game is for you. If you like an HTML base game then this game is for you. Most people don’t like this game but in my opinion, it is a smart brain game.  

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