Resident Evil 2 remake was realized in 2019 in the game you have walked into a narrow line slow horror and the resident evil comes from everywhere. The stunt is, as you may anticipate from its positioning among the best zombie games, the zombies. The trick is you have to control aiming and try to kill every zombie with a headshot.

Resident Evil 2 is a very scary game and it can be too faithful for you. If you like a long series game then this game for you, every year this game comes with a new series. This game first realized was 1996. The Resident Evil game is a popular horror series game most gamer or game streamer waited for the latest version. 

This game is a third-person survival zombie game “Capcom” is the publisher and developer of this game.  Resident Evil 2 game was made in 1998. 

Resident Evil 2


When you open this game, you will face 3 options like Assisted mode, Standard mode, and Hardcore mode. On Assisted mode they will give extra addition to the health; you can kill enemies and automatic aim on enemies. On the second option means in Standard mode you have to face a little bit harder and more of a challenge. If you like to play on traditional experience on the Resident Evil then go for the hardcore game. 

After selecting the option, you have to choose your characters: Boy or girl. But remember both characters have different dress up and different weapons.

The game starts only with a pistol, but if your want upgraded weapons then you have to play more. This is a survival horror game so all the time you have to protect yourself from the zombies and always beware about the gun bullets try to save bullets as much you can. 


Don’t think that this game is a regular type run and gun game.  Thought-out the game you will face lots of zombies and those zombies are like immortal not easy to kill them. When you shot them and you think they are dead but they will surprise you and get right back up.

Resident Evil 2

The zombies are blind so they may track you through your sound. By mistake, if you make a bit noise zombies will catch you and kill you. The best trick is always to keep your gun on aiming position and walk slowly without making any noise. I know it will harder 3 to 4 zombie will attack you at a time, that time try to run away and kill them one by one.

In the game, the Tyrant is the most powerful enemy. One he tracks you he always follows everywhere so keep the distance from him and keep running. Shooting on him is unless because he will not die easily. When you stay in a room you can hear his walking sound who waiting for you outside. Tyrant is the only enemy who can bust through the wall.

Game Story: In this game, there are two characters boys and girls they both have a different story. When you start playing this game you will understand the more interesting story.

Conclusion: Resident Evil 2 is the most popular game, and now most of the people waiting for Resident Evil 3. Capcom going to release it next year. The graphic of this game is really good it makes you feel real so my advice is that if you are a heart peasant then don’t play. And you need a powerful gaming PC for this game.

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