Fruit games

Fruits games are the most popular game in Android as especially kids like this game. Here I list the top 10 fruit games.

1#    Fruit Boom

Fruit games

This is a free Android game, and this game is developed by Mobileguru. This game has 4.5 Star reviews. And the game version is 2.9.3935. In 02.06.2017 this game was updated so now the latest version is 1.0.199 and this game is supported on Android 4.3 or above.

2#    Fruit Splash

This game is very addictive. This game is a puzzle type game where you have to match the same fruits. Match colorful lines and solve the next level. This puzzle adventure game. The game features delicious fruits trip and more exciting fruit, check your rank on worldwide leader board, easy to play and learn, vivid and colorful fruits, available two modes one is an arcade and second one is puzzle mode, available feedback option. The game size is 23 MB, Current version 10.7.12 and the last update is 11.10.2019. Over 335883 users download this game and 3+ ratings.

3# Fruit Master

This is zero-hassle gameplay. In this game, you have to slash and throw on the multiple fruits to achieve a bonus score. After completing a level you will get a cocktail. After getting 4 cocktails you can spin one time to win rewards.  The game size is only 37 MB, the last update is 13.07.2020 and the current version is 1.0.1. The game rating is 3+. 37k user downloads this game.

4# Fruit Slice Master:

Fruit games

This is a Ninja style fruit game in 2020. Do you want to be a fruit ninja master? Then download this game. Feel like the 3D game and this very enjoyable game. Throw your blades perfectly, try to focus on matching fruits and won many bonus score. The game size only 14M and over 3+ rating.

5# Fruit Burst

Fruit games

Fruit Burst is the most popular game in the fruit games, you have to match 3 same fruits and burst. In this game, there are available magic keys, fruit portals, bombs and much more interesting things you have to check. This game size is only 22 and the latest version is 5.1. The game rating is 4.4 which is pretty good.

6# Fruit Fancy

Fruit games

Fruit Fancy is the most well-known puzzle game!

Enchantment keys, bombs, and ice 3D squares… Also bunches of succulent fruits! Many degrees of fun and sweetness are hanging tight for you! The game size is only 30 MB and the last update is 30.07.2020. The game rating is 4.1.

7. Fruit Slice Shake

It is safe to say that you are prepared to burst up the fruity experience ever? If your answer is true, at that point attempt this free fruit game and tap the enjoyment of fruit cutting on your Smartphone device. We built up another natural product game for you who are loaded with fruit cutting experience and insane cutting enjoyment. The game size is only 17MB and 4.0.

8. Fruit Candy Blast

Fruit games

The play treats swap and switches organic product candy to make a match! A gathering of charming Jelly Monsters staying in a world of fruit candy. Red sweets, Join Blue Fruit, Purple, and Green sticky Jelly to comprehend fruity riddles! Boundless life! 21 MB and 4.1 Rating.

9. Fruit Cutting Game

This is another best fruit game and its available on the play store. This game size is only 29MB and its 3.8 Rating. Last Update 9 January 2020.

10. Fruits Legend

Fruit games

This game is very interesting in fruit games. In this game, you have to solve the puzzle. This game size only 17MB and the last update was 19 FEB 2020. This game has a 4+ good rating

Conclusion: All games are available on the play store. This all game supported on Android devices. If you face any problem during download then tell us we are here to help you.

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