PUBG on pc or laptop?

Here we will help you to install PUBG on your PC just you have to follow our every step. But before this information, we have a bit of knowledge about the PUBG game. The full form of PUBG game is Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds this ranks no 1 multiplayer online game nowadays. Tencent is the developer and the designer of the game with PUBG Corporation. PUBG’s most supported platform is PlayStation 4, iOS, Android and Microsoft Windows

When you are playing from Mobile then it’s called that you are playing from mobile and when you are playing from a PC or laptop then it’s called that you are playing from the emulator. But if you want to play from a PC or Laptop then you must need good emulator software. There are two software are available one is Tencent Game assistant and Tencent Gaming buddy can run PUBG mobile game. Not only the PUBG game you can download lots of games of Tencent gaming.

Before you install the game, follow all the Requirements:

1# You must have a Broadband connection with high-speed internet (for lag-free gaming)
2# OS 64 bit is good.
3# Processor Intel i5 or above
4# 6 GB or 8 GB Ram is better
5# Must have 30GB free space for the installation.
6# NEED Preinstalled Direct x 110
7# Supported OS windows Windows 10, 7 or 8.1
8# Must need a graphics card like NVIDIA or AMD

PUBG mobile Game Installation Process on PC

Now you can install PUBG on your pc easily in just a few steps. This article will help you to install PUBG mobile game on your desktop or laptop.

PUBG on pc

1# Search on Google just Types “Gaming loop” there is more site offer you to download this software free but remember download from a trusted site.

PUBG on pc

2# Step 2 click on the download option and download it.

3# after completing the download you just need to set up file and install to continue. This process will take some minutes.

4# Now click on open and yes and then click on Start the will be installed automatically.

PUBG on pc

5# After installing that software the Gaming Loop Icon will appear on your desktop, Now remember to click on the right button on your mouse and Run with your graphics card.

PUBG on pc

6# After opening the Gaming loop software type PUBG mobile on the search bar and click the enter button.

7# now install and Play the PUBG mobile but remember must log in with your email id.

Conclusion: Must remember that the download process is depending on your internet speed the total size of this game is almost 2 GB. For better experience go to your control panel and uninstall the useless app that you don’t want. Remember this is an online-based multiplayer game so you just need the fastest internet connection for the lag-free gaming experience.


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