12 Best Games for Mac

Are you a Mac user, so you would realize that Apple Company Mac book isn’t generally known for their gaming ability. Whenever other high priced windows computer gives the best gaming performance and that the reason windows user can access and play more type of game. In any case, that doesn’t mean our Mac utilizing brethren should put resources into a Windows PC. Many famous games for Windows have now been ported to macOS.
Here I listed 12 Best Games for Mac and it’s free.

Fortnite Battle Royale. (Games for Mac)

This game is so popular game from 2019. Most of the streams play this game in there streaming platform. The developer of this game is Epic. This is a TTP mode game. This game is demanding and it requires API. So this game will not support the old Mac-book.

 This game support Mac OS 10.12.6 or above version. Also need, at last, 2.4 GHz core i3, Ram at least 4 GB and also need Intel graphics card.  

Fistful-of-Frags (Games for Mac)

Fistful-of-Frags is another extraordinary first-individual shooter (fps game) for Macs users which is situated for American Wild-West. Even though the game does not look so amazing, contrasted with present-day FPS titles, it gives a great deal of consideration to battle mechanics which makes it very testing and amusing to play.

This game support X10.7.x. OS or above, require processor at least dual-core, Ram 1 GB is ok and need an Intel Graphics.

Team Fortress (Games for Mac)

Games for Mac

This game has a cartoon style character, The player can choose their character from the 9 different types of characters. Don’t think that this game wills not interesting not like that this game graphics are awesome.  And this game is so entertaining shooting game. You can play with a random player online. 

This game support OS 10.5.8 on the X version or above. Ram needs at least 1GB, the processor at least 1.7GHZ, and also needs an internet graphics card.

Sniper-Ops-3D (Games for Mac)

On the off chance that you incline sharpshooter games, you never miss this Sniper Ops 3D. Pressed in with more than 200 testing levels, this FPS game support on Mac-OS.

This game support on all MacBook so you can play and download this game without any worry.

Paladins (Games for Mac)

Games for Mac

This game has 3 types of game modes and a huge boss pool, bragging an assortment of champions with incomprehensibly various capacities and play styles. This is an FPS shooting game.

This game support X10.10 OS or above.  The processor should be dual-core 2.24 GHz or above, Ram at least 2 GB. And a 512MB graphics card.

League-of-Legends. (Games for Mac)

Games for Mac

This League-of-legends are the world’s most played game ever. This is a multiplayer game and it’s an online-based game. This game has various game modes and maps, be that as it may, the essential target continues as before in every mode – clear the enemy nexus.

Supported on 10.8.5 X OS or above, the processor should be 2 GHz, 2 GB Ram need, need a good graphics card like Nvidia GF8600M or above. Also, support on a normal Intel graphics card.

DO-TA 2 (Games for Mac)

This DOTA 2 Game is another popular and most played multiplayer game. This is an online-based game so you should have a better internet connection.

Supported on 10.9 Mavericks X OS or above. Processor at least dual-core, Need 4 GB RAM and also need a good Intel graphics.


Games for Mac

Saints of the Storm is Blizzard’s response to League-of-Legends and DOTA 2, with comparative game mechanics and destinations. This game graphics is more batter then to other game. This is an online-based game so you should have a better internet connection.

Supported on 10.9.x OS or above. Needed processor dual-core processor. Nvidia GF 330M of RAM 4GB. 

Supernova (Games for Mac)

Games for Mac

In this game there is a science fiction universe, Supernova is prepared for the people who have a preference for epic fights.

Support on most of the MacBook.


Games for Mac

 World-of-War-craft which brags of one of the biggest virtual open universes at any point made is likely one of the most addictive games I have at any point played.

Supported: 10.12 X OS, need i5 intel core processor, Ram 4GB needed, Graphics Intel HD 530.

Lord of the Rings. (Games for Mac)

Kingdom Chronicles.

Conclusion: Here I listed 12 Best games for Mac PCs. Remember If you have a powerful Mac book then this all game will support your Mac Book.

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