pc games:- Here I listed 10 Best Gaming Desktops, you can buy a full set from our link

1# Maingear F131
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Processor: Core i9 7980XE
Ram: Over 64 GB
Graphics card: Inbuilt Graphics Nvidia RTX 2080 Ti
Storage: SSD Card with 4TB storage
VR: Yes.

2# iBuyPower Snowblind
Price: 55000  
Buy Now:
Processor: Intel Core i7-7800x
Ram: 16 GB
Graphics card: GTX 1080 Ti (Nvidia)
SSD 500GB VR: Yes.

3# Corsair One i160
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Processor: i9-9900k Intel Core
Ram: fastest 32 GB Ram
Graphics card: Inbuilt Graphics RTX 2080 Ti (Nvidia)
Storage: 2 TB HDD & 480GB SSD VR: Yes.

4# Dell XPS Tower SE
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Processor: Core i5-8400 (Intel)
Ram: 8 GB
Graphics card: Nvidia GTX 1050 Ti GPU
Storage: SSD 256GB, 1 TB H DD VR: Yes.
5# Cyber Power PC Gamer-Extreme VR
Buy now:
Processor: Core i5 8400
Ram: fastest 8GB RAM
Graphics card: GTX 1660 (Nvidia)
Storage: 1 TB HDD VR: Yes.
6# Alienware-Aurora r10
Price: 39,000
Buy Now:
Processor: in built Ryzen 5,7,9th Gen(AMD), intel-core i9,i7.
Ram: over 64 GB
Graphics card:
RTX 2080 Ti (Nvidia)
Storage: VR: Yes.
7# HP-Pavilion Gaming Desktop, Best for gaming
Price: 1,16990
Buy Now:
Processor: Core i7 9700k intel
Ram: 64 GB
Graphics card: GTX 1660 Ti Nvidia Geforce
Storage: 1 TB DDD and 512 SSD VR: Yes.
8# MSI ( Trident X)
Price: 83455.
Buy now
Processor i7 9700k i9 9900k
Ram: 16 GB
Graphics card: RTX 2070-2080 Geforce (Nvidia)
Storage: SSD 512GB, 2TB HDD VR: Yes.
9# REO RX 300 SuperGraphic
Price: 1,29000
Buy Now:
Processor: i7 8 gen.
Ram: 16 GB DDR4
Graphics card: Quadro p2000 (Nvidia)
Storage: 1 TB HDD VR: Yes.

10# HP Envy Curved
Price: 1,55000
Buy Now:
Processor: i5 8400T
Ram: 8 GB
Graphics card: GTX 1050 Nvidia
1 TB HDD VR: Yes.

Conclusion: I selected the world’s Best Gaming PC. We Did hard research about that and we choose 10 best pc you can buy any it depends on your choice.

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