Call of Duty: In India Most of mobile game going to be a fan of Call-of duty this game, this game is the most popular game in India. Call of duty is a hard shooter game and this game developer is “TIMI STUDIOS”, the Game publisher is Activision, Game series.

This game globally released on 1st October 2019 And This game going to beat PUBG because this game has smooth graphics. You can operate Helicopters. There are a lot of vehicles you can operate, no glitch problem. No lagging and for this game going to be popular in a few days this game archive millions of game installers.

The fight imperial in Call of Duty: Mobile gets opened after you arrive at level 7 in multiplayer matches. For the individuals who haven’t looked at it yet, here is our small guide at what you will discover. You can change to the first individual from the third individual in-game. You can play fight regal either in a first individual or third individual mode.

Interestingly, you can switch between any modes in-game at whatever point you need. Bit this choice is just there in TPP. You can’t change to top from the FPP game. Exchanging these modes when inside the match voluntarily, at whatever point you. Need and for whatever length of time that you need, is beyond the realm of imagination in PUBG Mobile.

Game Features: High-quality gaming performance, you can customize all controls, available voice chat, and text chat. High-performance 3d graphics and 3d sound effects. Available Maps for multiplayer like Modern Warfare, Black ops, Call of Duty, Frontline. Hard-point also can play 8 or 10 players together its depend on your mode. In-game there are so many beautiful characters, various types of weapons, grenades. Fast aid kit, various types of vehicles and also can customize everything. You can play PVP multiplayer mode the same as 5v5 death-match. This game supports all devices like Android, ios, windows, Mac, etc. You can play both modes like FPPS and TPPS. There are two different modes available in this game one is a simple model and another one in advance mode.

Game Reviews: In just a few days this game achieved over 50+ million downloads. 4.7* Review, over 3 million people give a positive review for this game. This game going to beat PUBG.

This-game just globally released on 1 October 17, 2019, and you won’t believe that in just 10 days. This game achieved over 50+ million downloads. I send you a screenshot so you can see.

How to install this game?

This game is available on Google play store and it’s totally free to play.

Step 1: Go to Mobile Menu and open Google Play-store

Step 2: After opening the Google Play store Just time on the search bar “Call of Duty”.

Step 3: Click on the I-con of “Call of Duty Mobile”

Step 4: Now click on the “Install” button

Step 5: After click on the install button your mobile device will ask you which network you will like to use your mobile network or your Wi-Fi network after selecting the network just click on the “OK” button. And then the download will start.

Step 6: After downloading the game simply opens the game set all controls, sensitivity, character and start playing.

Conclusion: Because this game achieved 50+ million downloaders in just 10 days. So I would like to give 10 out of 10 marks for this game. this game really has great graphics. Many look realistic really advance game as compare to PUBG (players unknown batter ground) game. In the call of duty, there are more advanced weapons and technology are available that PUBG mobile game doesn’t have.

Game-play of Call of Duty is really smooth to play.  This game was first released on 29 Oct. 2019 and that was only available for Windows, Play stations but on the latest released 1 Oct. 2019, this game globally lunched for Android and for IOS mobile. This game is a massive online multiplayer game, also available interesting maps and different game modes. 3 game servers available so you can play this game anywhere with low ping.  If you ask me which mode is the best in Call of duty then it’s “Modern Warfare 2”.

So what is your opinion about the “Call of Duty Mobile” Game?

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