Fortnite game is an online android video game. This game Created by “Epic Games”. In 2017 this game was released. This is a multiplayer game (like PUBG mobile game) so you can play with your friends, in a battle total of 100 players can play. It’s a magical game where you can use your magical power in this game. You can play this in PVP mode. In this game, players can create their own worlds and battle arenas.  First, this game was released for some devices like windows, MAC, and Xbox one, play-station 4. The game’s mission is to save the world.

Fortnite accepted  PEGI rating of 12, PEGI has discussed: ‘visit scenes of gentle brutality. It isn’t appropriate for people under 12 years old’. That passage should summarize what Fortnite really is, however it doesn’t do a lot to address the manners by which individuals play it. Fortnite’s season 5 updates sloppy the waters significantly further by including a working golf match(game), just as go-kart hustling. Fornite designer Epic Games regularly includes new modes that change the principles considerably for a restricted measure of time, or now and again simply let individuals play on the planet.

It gets considerably more unusual when you consider the way that Fortnite is presently so socially omnipresent that Epic has transformed it into an approach to both make and benefit from viral move moves. It’s a circumstance that artists have started to remark on, presently that the connection between “HIP-POP” and Fortnite has started to move in the two headings.

Game Features:  In this game, you have to complete common objective missions, the game starts with 100 players on the battleground, you can play this game solo, duo and also can play squad. There are so many weapons, resources, items and also various types of vehicles are available. Great graphics, smooth game-play even with a poor internet connection. Players can invite their friends to the island. Players can build elaborate builds by their magical powers.

Game Reviews: Because this Fortnight Save the world game is not available on play store so it’s hard to tell you about that game reviews, but we checked their official Facebook page they have over 4.5 million Likes and over 4.7 million people follow their page.

I also checked their twitter page and I saw they have over 9.4 Million followers.

And on Instagram, they have over 22 million followers so it’s hard to tell that how many total followers or game installers they have but I think this game is going to be more popular in the future.

We Searched on the Google Search and we got there are 50, 20, 00,000 results are there

We also search about PUBG to compare with Fortnite and it’s surprised me PUBG Game Search result is lower than Fortnite game. Pubg has only 25, 30, 00, 000.

How to install this game?

Unless to find this game on play store because this game is not available on the play store.

This game only available only on its official website …

Stepone: open your mobile internet browser Google Chrome and type their official website on the search bar and click on enter.

Steptwo: After clicking on the entering button the website will open …
St-epThree: Click on the download button. They will verify your mobile and will start to download automatically.

Step Four: Next you have to select your android devices or ios. And also you have to set your name, game user name, email id or password. That’s it you are done and ready to enjoy this game.

If you still suffering to install this game then comment us or tell us how we can help you … we will surely help you in a day.

Conclusion: I did hard research about this Fortnite game, and give you all the information about this game, and you will understand this game after reading this article. Because this game is not available on the play store so we don’t know how many installers this game has. Whenever they said that they earned over 2 billion us dollar. 

We don’t have all the information about this game, because that game company hiding a lot of information about their reviews, installer, and earnings. My opening about this game is so much interesting and easy to play but hard to win this game. Most people install this game and in a few days they uninstalled, they said they do not understand how to play.  These game graphics are really awesome and this game is more addicted too so keep away this game from kids.

So what is your opinion about this game? Give Comment to us …………

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