PUBG is a trending game, this is the most popular game in the world. Most people know this game as a PUBG game, This is a (multiplayer) game, In the starting, a flight drop players into a spawn is-land, and who will alive in the end he will be the winner of the game. In this game, there are 3 modes available 1st one is Arcade 2nd one is Classic and 3rd one is Evo Ground … in Arcade game there is a short time game available like TDM, war mode, mini-map, etc  …

And In a classic match, you can play over 30 min game depends how much time you alive, in classic mode. there is 4  MAP available like Erangel, Miramar, Sanhok and Vikendi and the last one mode is Evo ground this mode on zombie also you can kill zombie till at the end. You can also choose with whom you want to play like solo ( 1 Player), duo (2 players), or with the squad (4 players) you also can change servers like Asia, South America, North  America, etc. This game had started with 100 players. 

Now How you can Play PUBG Game:


Firstly, you have to install this game into your Android or Ios device(Apple) from the play store. In the map, you have to choose the first-person perspective (FPP) or you have to choose a third-person perspective (tpp). In tpp will shows the full body of a character in this game or in FPP wills shows only hand or gun.

Secondly, When you enter the game, the game will take you in a virtual spawn Island after the 40s when 100 players loaded a flight will take you and then you have to choose that where you want to land in the whole map you can choose and area whenever you want to land. When you jump from the Plane you have to fly that points where you want o go and then automatically parachute will open. Thirdly, After landing the ground you should have a good loot for the fight you have to take weapons, bullets, first aid, etc. you will find everything from different buildings but you have known that which weapons are important, you can take everything that you need by hitting Tabs.

In PUBG there are some weapons are available like as guns, stun grenade, smoke grenades, crowbar, pan, machete, sickle, also can damage by punching, if you use pan then if emery shoot you in to your then it will never damage you, there is much more type of gun are available in PUBG game. Like assault rifles, pistols, shotguns, machine guns, and sniper rifles, etc. There is each gun takes different ammo like 300 magnums, .45 ACP,5.56mm, 7.62,9mm, in sniper rifle AWM .300 magnum are used.

There are also have many more weapon attachments are available like muzzles, extended mag. , grips, suppressor, compensator, scopes, etc. Every gun has a different attachment.   If you want to protect yourself more then you have to carry more loot like fast aid, pain killer, energy drink, body vest ( there are 3 types of the vest are available to level 1, level 2 and level 3 ) level 3 are a more powerful vest. If you want to take more loot you have to take a backpack (there are three types of backpack are available level 1,2 and 3 ) level 3 backpack helps you to carry loot more.

And finally, Helmet is more important to keep safe your head. If you want to damage more, then you have shot on enemies’ head body shoot doesn’t damage more. In pubs game every gun have different amount of damage, it depends on which weapon you use, there are 3 type fire are available like single fire, burst fire, auto fire, best guns are DP 28, M416, AWM, M24, AKM, M249, GROZA, AUG are the best gun and give highest damages.

During the game, we just have to remember that you are in the blue circle, always keep your character in a safe zone. If you are out of the blue circle then it will damage you more. Always keep watching a safe zone (blue circle) on your game map.  There are so many vehicles are available on garage or roadside, there are many types of vehicles are available like cars, motorcycles, jeeps, vans, buggies, vans and boats. You can firstly move using vehicles.

If a player dies there will create a record and you can open this create and can loot everything whatever that player has.

In squad or duo mode players gone knocked out after 100% damage and then your friend can revive you. When in solo mode, you were directly killed after 100% damage, cause you are single playing.

Google Play PUBG Review:

Conclusion: In this game PUBG, Even I play my opinion this game is too much addictive, I saw news about this game that teenage students going addictive in this game,  A boy can play7 hours continually and he is no more, many teenage students stealing money for high-performance processor mobile and for PUBG elite pass, with this elite pass you can buy colorful dresses, bike, car skin and many more in PUBG play.

If you play 6 hours continually then, PUBG will send you a notification that takes the rest of 2 hours for your health. My opinion Playing game is good for brain development but too much playing is really a bad habit it can damage your brain and gone addictive play 2 to 3 hour in a day it’s enough, Even Indian popular gamer Mortal, Dynamo and many popular gamers play 2 to 3 hour in a day you can check their YouTube stream time.

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